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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 12:48

The Traguardi Line

The Goal (translation of the word "Traguardo") of each company's is the ongoing commitment to improve and achieve excellence in quality of its products.
This new line for the company's centennial celebration includes the historic brand with a new look and, with its modern image, comes as a complete novelty in our production.
The name of each product is accompanied by a date that indicates a particular company moment related to that product or an ancestor.
The modern outside holds a wine with ancient history but which, for its natural effervescence, is mostly suitable for a young and dynamic life, where even a quick snack needs a correct and quality match.

Cuvée 11

Spumante Extra-Dry Riserva V.S.Q
To celebrate the Centenary could not miss the Spumante Extra Dry CUVE'E 11 as a good omen for the future.

Varietal grape: Chardonnay 70%, Pinot Bianco 30%.
18 Gr/L sugars - cl. 0,75. 11.5 % Vol
Charmat long in autoclaves fermentation. Harvest: September-October; Consumption: Within 3 Years; Temperature: 4 to 6 ° C
White color with greenish reflections, fine and intense perlage, fresh and fruity taste.

Giacomo 61

Dop Red Sparkling Dry
In 1961 the company created the first rosé Lambrusco, that was fermented in the bottle and had so much excitement that was called "Volcano". The light-colored Giacomo 61, his heir, is an experiment done using the company's single-variety Lambrusco Maestri pure, thereby repeating the authentic taste of Lambrusco di Reggio Emilia for a time.Its main feature is the high acidity. Perfect as an aperitif, with ice and a slice of lemon.
11 Gr/L sugars - cl. 0,75. 11 % Vol
Charmat long in autoclaves fermentation. Harvest: September; Consumption: Within 1-2 Years; Temperature: serve cold.
Ruby red color, pink mousse, young and fruity flavor.

Prospero 98

Dop Red Sparkling Dry
Prospero 98 is a modern, sincere, dense, very dark Lambrusco with a sweet taste and intense aroma reminiscent of must harvesting. The dominant variety of its composition is Lambrusco Salamino. It tastes throughout the meal and especially with pasta sauce, tortellini with meat and boiled. The first version was made ​​in 1998 to celebrate the patron saint of Reggio Emilia.
Varietal grape: Lambrusco Salamino - Montericco Lancellotta.
18 Gr/L sugars - cl. 0,75. 11 % Vol
Charmat long in autoclaves fermentation. Harvest: September - October; Consumption: Within 1-2 Years; Temperature: 8 to 10 ° C.
Intense ruby ​​red color, dense, intense purple foam, sweet and slightly tannic taste.

Sparko’ 50

Dop Red Sparkling Sweet
Bologna 1950: Best Italian Wines Competition - First place to Lambrusco "Val d'Enza Dry and Sweet", joyful, sparkling, lively from the foam, the best suited to give a sense of joy to those who can taste it even outside the meals.
2011: born in his honor Sparko '50, technologically more modern, but with unchanged characteristics, continues moving the soul to represent his ancestors around the world. Perfect with pizza, pasta, cakes and fruit.
Varietal grape: Lambrusco Salamino, Marani Montericco, Maestri.
55 Gr/L sugars - cl. 0,75. 7,5 % Vol
Temperature: 6 to 8 ° C.
Bright ruby ​​red color; lively, evanescent, purple mousse; sweet, fresh and fruity taste.


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