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Buttafuoco Storico Gran Riserva DOC

Two Glasses Gambero Rosso - Italian Wines 2011 Guide!
The production area is located south-east at an altitude of 260mt from the sea level, in the center of Buttafuoco territory, straddling the towns of Castana, Montescano and Canneto Pavese, and extending for approximately for 1.5 hectares. The soil is clayey, silty, medium plastic with alkaline reaction. A land so poor in organic matter, calcareous. Great for big red wines.
GRAPES: Barbera, Croatina, Uvetta di Canneto
TASTING NOTES: Intense red color. At the nose has notes of spice, at the palate is well structured with good balance and measured persistence.
PAIRINGS: Goes well with red meats, stews and hard cheeses.

Clilele Oltrepo' Pavese DOC

Producted in the hystorical Giorgi vineyards "Coppo" and "Casa Berni" in Canneto Pavese and Stradella.
GRAPES: Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara
TASTING NOTES: Deep ruby red color, bright with high viscosity. At the nose is intense and elegant, with accentuated floral notes and fresh fruit. Also important is the spicy note. On the palate with great structure, balance and persistence.
PAIRINGS: Goes well with red meats, stews and hard cheeses.

MonteRoso Pinot Nero DOC

Wine produced with selected grapes from our old vineyards high hill "La Diana" and "La Sacca", located in suitable areas for Pinot Noir in the towns of Stradella and Canneto Pavese. The yield per hectare is scrupulously kept low, often less than 40 hl. of wine per hectare. The product obtained has a structure, complexity and purity very rare.
GRAPES: 100% Pinot Nero
TASTING NOTES: ruby red with slight garnet with aging is easy to see orange hints. At the nose delicate, with good intensity with a frequency of cherry and blackcurrant fruit. Well balanced taste, almost velvety, dry, well structured, excellent persistence..
PAIRINGS: meats, feathered game in particular. Proposed in version still.

Cabernet Sauvignon DomiNius

A wine of great longevity aged in barriques. To achieve this wine were examined land owned by southern exposure to plant the vines of Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes were harvested bunch by bunch and great care has prompted the choice of the ideal types of barrels for aging wine. The result was a rare wine, featuring great composure and a bouquet of flavors, perfectly harmonized with each other.
GRAPES: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon  DOC
TASTING NOTES: ruby-garnet with slightly orange nail. At the nose is intense, sharp, composed, with fruity and spicy rhythm. Full, warm, soothing, long lasting aroma.
PAIRINGS: tasty meat, structured dishes.

MesDì Chardonnay DOC

Very Limited production, from steep vineyards with Southern exposure (from which came the dialect name "Mesdì"), very suited for the production of Chardonnay, the yield per plant is deliberately kept low in order to obtain grapes of the highest quality. This wine is unique with great complexity, longevity and nobility and reach the summit after a year and a half and keeps it for three to four years.
GRAPES: 100% Chardonnay
TASTING NOTES: pale straw yellow color. At the nose is fresh, fruity, elegant and very fine, gives off a fragrant smell of fresh bread. Tastes very thin, delicate and harmonious, reminiscent of acacia and green apple, it is dry, lean and inviting.
PAIRINGS: expresses best its rare fragrance with delicate vegetables and fish dishes.   ALCOHOL: 12,5% SERVING TEMPERATURE: 18 °C


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