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QUALITALIA PUGLIA - Starters In Oil & Sauces

Via Rafi n1 - Italfoodost

The objective of VIA RAFI n°1 is to offer to you to the best alimentary specialties of the Salento italian region going to the search of ancients flavors.
Our force is in the tradition of our earth, indispensable patrimony so we have decided to enter in Your tables with a production of excellent quality, made with passion from sages and experts hands just like a time.
VIA RAFI n°1 uses the traditional Italian method of preserving seasonal vegetables, so that can eat them out of season, is going from strenght to strenght.
In order to obtain the best possible product, we only buy locally grown top quality vegetables. The carefully selected vegetables are cleaned and parboiled in water, acidulated with local wine vinegar, and placed into clean sterilized glass jars and filled with local extra virgin oilve oil and sealed , before sterilisation in a hot water bath.
These vegetables can be used as an appetiser, spread on bruschetta, toast, or savoury biscuits and canapes.
They can also be used to garnish meat and cheese dishes or udes in pasta sauces or a a pizza toppin.

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