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Monday, 22 April 2013 20:00


It is an easily identifiable product thanks to the high quality of the meat (using only the legs of heavy Italian pigs) and its very attractive external appearance: the ham is, in fact, covered with a very fine blend of spices that highlight an appealing decoration made with the leaves of natural essences. We recommend slicing it with the rind and spices that adorn it.


To produce our LUI ham we use only the finest trimmed Italian pork legs from the Padana plain and Umbria that are more than 15 kg in fresh weight.The production method is classic: manual boning, light injection, natural aromas extracted through boiling, churning for at least 48 hours, slow and progressive cooking in various phases. The product is trimmed very carefully and the nerves, shank muscles, cartilage, glands and excess skin and fat are removed. The flavour is sweet and tender on the palate.


Meats are not worked by angle and needles processing; they are placed in basins with a totally natural aromatic mixture for about 16-18 days. Legs are then hand-bounded and cooked in steam ovens with a totally vegetable broth made by carrots, celery and natural flavourings. The hams are not placed in mold and that allows the products to assume the characteristic aspect that identifies it.During the cooking, the ham absorbs the scents and aromas by the broth and vegetables. The feature of this product is the total absence of additives.


Less than 25% salt Cooked Ham
To prepare it, only Italian pork legs from the Padana plain and Umbria that are more than 14 kg in trimmed fresh weight are selected. They are cooked in a steam oven for at least 22 hours. The hams are boned manually and natural extracts produced through boiling are used. They are churned for at least 48 hours and cooked slowly and progressively in various phases. The product is trimmed very carefully and the nerves, shank muscles, cartilage, glands, and excess skin and fat are removed. The result is a product of high quality since it does not contain gluten, milk derivatives and polyphosphates.


This product is made with heavy legs between 11.5 and 12.5 kg that are analysed and selected during unloading. They are only boned by hand to avoid ruining the muscle parts and to remove the nerves, small bones, and excess fat and rind in particular.


“Fattoria” is one of the hams that is most enjoyed and appreciated by our customers for the goodness of its meat, its excellent price-quality ratio, and its incomparable fragrance, resulting from the traditional and artisan processing of the meat and, especially the natural flavourings used.


Cooked Ham with truffle
We use only the finest trimmed Italian pork legs that are more than 13.5 kg in fresh weight to produce our Gran Tartufo cooked ham. The production method is classic: manual boning, light injection, churning for at least 48 hours, manual moulding, manual stuffing with slivers of black Norcia truffles, slow and progressive cooking. It is extremely tasty with an appetising fragrance and does not contain polyphosphates


“Biorenzinicotto” is boned manually and placed in an aluminium mould for steam cooking. The slow cooking at a constant temperature is carefully controlled to ensure the perfect preservation of the product. The legs come from pigs that are certified organic by their breeders.


The finest pork legs are carefully selected by our Norcia butchers to be processed and naturally roasted with flavourings and spices to produce this unique, simple yet refined product. This product is well-suited to reheating and should be carved with a knife.


The unique quality of this product comes from its preparation using the oldest traditions of Norcia. It is steam cooked for the first part of the cycle and ends with the use of fire to “degrease” the surface of the product and transfer the roasted aroma to the ham. Produced with medium-weight legs with a low level of humidity, the yield is almost 100% since it should be cut with the rin.


“Norcino” cooked ham is perhaps one of the few testimonies of this “ancient” way of savouring meat. Produced with medium-weight Italian legs, it is boned, salted, and barbecued after being tied by hand with traditional hemp strings, which give it a unique and captivating rustic image. Tied by hand with the shank muscles removed, containing only the small end bone, it is a high-quality cooked ham. To be sliced entirely with a machine without removing the rind. Cooked in an oven using a bright fire.


“Mediterraneo” cooked ham is one of the few testimonies of the Umbrian tradition of savouring meat. Essentially it is prepared with simple ingredients like salt, aromatic herbs and natural flavours which enhance the taste of the barbecued meat.


“Umbrian-Roman” porchetta, is made according to time-honoured Umbrian traditions.The pigs are entirely boned by hand, seasoned with completely natural flavourings (without preservatives) and hand-tied manually before cooking, giving them that characteristic fragrance of roast suckling pig, which is further enhanced by slow oven cooking.


The traditional Umbrian porchetta, handcraft and natural, produced by Renzini is also available in this convenient vacuum packed pieces, excellent in every occasion.
It is a product delicious and highly nutritious.


Porchetta it is one of the most important Renzini products. Meat is deboned by our skilful master pork butchers. Rind and fat are removed and then meat is seasoned and spread by hand with salt, pepper, onion, fennel, rosemary, wine and other spices which stands for two days. The final step is slow oven-roasting using bright fire. Porchetta contains no preservatives and is a short-shelf-life product.


Prepared the old fashioned way, using young, freshly butchered pigs, porchetta, or roast suckling pig, has a very delicate flavour enhanced with the light use of spices.
The pigs are boned completely by hand, seasoned with natural flavours and tied manually before cooking.


The excellent baked porchetta “Rostino” is in this version without head and wrapped in useful pieces to support consumption and increase its practicality.
It is excellent cut into thin slices or in the classic “sandwich padded” or seasoned with a sauce.


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