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Monday, 22 April 2013 20:02


A speciality of Umbria’s pork butchering tradition. The lardo, or lard, is aged in the open air of Norcia following the recipe of the Benedictine monks. It is seasoned simply with salt, pepper, garlic and with wild thyme and other aromatic herbs gathered in the Sibylline Mountains. “Lardo di Norcia” is distinguished by the lean marbling that is found at the centre, created by the two parts of the pig’s back pressed together.
Available flavours: traditional; chili pepper; herbs.


The lard of Norcia produced by Renzini, after 6 months seasoning at least, is cooked in ovens grilled at high temperatures, so that the already tasty product assume that aromaticity differentiating it from the classic lard seasoned. Cooking allows to smelt the most part of fat, and gives flavour to the remaining, making it more tasty and soft , offering an innovative and particular product.
Available flavours: wine; Norcia black truffles; 12 herbs.


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