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Monday, 22 April 2013 20:00


Prepared and seasoned with the natural flavours of the Sibylline Mountains, Renzini’s “LEI” is a reference to the mortadella, or Italian bologna, prepared in some areas of the Central Apennines, although this product is prepared using modern processing and cooking techniques. Only high-quality Italian meats are used in the preparation of this mortadella: shoulders, jowls, and a careful selection of lean meats with a high protein content. The product is characterised by its leanness, high level of digestibility and its delicate but distinctive taste, with hints of wild thyme and saffron. Available also with pistachios.


With chili pepper.
Renzini wanted to go even further in preparing an excellent mortadella, characterised by a different and extremely delicious taste, where the sweetness of the meat combines with the biting presence of the chilli pepper. This product is made using the same exacting technique of ancient master pork butchers, keeping the unique qualities of the meat in mind.


Coppa di testa, or Italian head roast, is one of the most delicious cooked pork salamis of the ancient pork butchering tradition. This product comes from blending minced meat and various parts of the pig with a light orange flavour. It is then steam cooked. It is excellent cut into thin slices, even as part of a dish of deli meats, or in a classic “stuffed sandwich” or dressed with a sauce.


Convinced that it would not satisfy the palate of its faithful customers with a simple kotekotto (Italian pork sausage) and zampone (stuffed pig’s trotter), Renzini thought it would make this product even more delicious by adding slivers of black truffle and the extract of the white truffle of Alba. Made using the meat of heavy Italian pigs, processed entirely with a knife.
Zampone pre-cooked "Prelibe" pure pork in box; Zampone pre-cooked with truffles in lithographed box; Kotekotto whole pure pork in lithographed box; Kotekotto pure pork with truffles in lithographed box.


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