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Friday, 26 April 2013 17:38


Truffle Ragu', "Norcina" Ragu', Boar Meat Ragu'
Our meat sauces are made with the highest quality ingredients without artificial colours or preservatives, using strictly the freshest meats and vegetables so that all of their most fragrant organoleptic properties, Renzini has designed a practical and innovative package, perfect for use at delicatessen counters and in restaurants kitchens. Store in the refrigerator at 0°/+2° C.


Crostino Umbro sauce, Boar Pate', Pheasant Pate'
These products are not normal pâtés but product designed to remain soft and spreadable after steam cooking. They are created with the best pheasant and wild boar meats, fresh ingredients and long, slow cooking to bring out the fragrances. Our Umbrian canapé spread, with chicken livers and pork as well as high-quality olive oil, is also excellent. It is a product that has been designed to remain soft and spreadable after steam cooking.


Wild boar sausage in Etruscan or glass jars.
The distinctive taste of “wild boar sausage” is highlighted by the traditional oil-packed packaging, which gives it greater flavour and makes it more appetising. The product comes from a superb mixture of wild boar meat (70%) and pork (25%), perfectly flavoured and then stuffed in a casing and aged in specifically built environments. Available in Etruscan or glass jars in various sizes.


Butter, an ancient specialty condiment, is blended with the Black Truffle of Norcia (Tuber aestivum Vitt) and with White Truffle extract. It is particularly good for making unique, tasty hors d’oeuvres.


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