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Just after the turn of the century, in 1911, Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppina began their first "Emporium" in Umbria-Italy. Catering to the needs of the local population, The Balestra Family began distributing Bakery products, Olive Oil, Vinegars, and personal hygiene supplies. Their goal was to deliver their customers the fresh products picked up from their fields just prior to arrival to their store. Their Emporium was a success, which was replied for over ninety years.
However, Sabatino & Giuseppina, certain of the extraordinary qualities of their products and driven by the belief that there was and would continue to be a growing consumer market for high-quality and fresh-tasting products, they continued in their efforts to create a company that they could share the value and exquisiteness of their products with the rest of the world, the truffle and all the specialties. These same philosophies have been passed on to three generations, and today are embodiment of what Sabatino means not only to us, but to you, our consumer.
Throughout the years, and our best efforts, we have done all we can to bring to your table, not only the products from our lands, but also from those lands where the weather and soil nurture and bring to life intense aromas and flavors.
Sabatino today one of the world’s foremost purveyors of truffle products.

Sabatino Tartufi | TRUFFLE SAUCE and BUTTER
Sabatino Tartufi | TRUFFLE OILS

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