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Pecorino Piacentinu Ennese P.D.O.

The PIACENTINU ENNESE P.D.O. is exclusively produced in the Enna Province. Its name takes origins from the dialect word “piacenti” that means ”cheese that is liked”.
Ingredients: Sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, black pepper, saffron
Shape: Basket shape
Flavour: Characteristic, aromatic and slightly sweet
Paste: Yellow, compact and lightly holed.
Typology: Semi-cooked, hard paste cheese
Ageing: 60 days | Sale unit:Heat-sealed vacuum shrink wrap. Size: kg. 3,5

Ragusano P.D.O.

The Ragusano is a stringy-textured cheese, produced with raw whole cow’s milk, coming from cows that feed aromatic forages on the Iblei Mountains. The cheese is nowadays still homemade by little family dairy included in the farm where cows are reared.
Ingredients: Raw whole cow’s milk, salt, lamb or goat rennet
Shape: Sectioned, Soft-cornered cube shape
Flavour: Pleasantly spicy and long-lasting
Paste: Straw-coloured, compact and slightly holed.
Typology: Stringy-textured cheese
Ageing: 180/365 days. | Sale unit: Loose wheel | Size: kg. 13

Pecorino Siciliano P.D.O.

This Pecorino from Sicily is a semi-cooked paste cheese made with whole, raw milk coming only from the Pinzirita, Valle del Belice, Comisana indigenous breed of sheep and their cross-breeds. The milk used to make Pecorino Siciliano P.D.O. must come from one or two milkings in a row at the most, usually the evening and morning milking. The milk must be processed within 24 hours after milking at the latest. The milk to be turned into Pecorino Siciliano must come from breeds that mainly feed on pastures. Pecorino Siciliano was awarded the Protected Designation of Origin status (D.O.P.)
Ingredients: Whole, raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet
Ageing: 120/240 days
Sale unit: Bulk or vacuum-packed wheel | Size: kg. 12

Vastedda from Valle del Belice P.D.O.

Its name evokes bread for the Sicilians. This excellent cheese is made with the milk coming from Valle del Belice sheep.
Ingredients: Whole, raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet.
Shape: Typical of a loaf of bread or flat bread, rindless, white-ivory in colour, smooth and compact
Flavour: Acidulous, sweet, pleasantly fresh
Paste: White in colour, smooth with possible streaky veins due to the handmade “filatura”(stretching and kneading)
Typology: spun paste or stretched & kneaded curd cheese
Sale unit: Single wheel vacuum-packed with film | Size: kg.0,5


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