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Novi Spreadable Cream

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A unique cream with an unmistakable taste

With the SPREADABLE CREAM, Novi has created a unique product: good and with different nutritional properties, thanks to the careful selection of the ingredients that are used!

There are no additional fats, only those that are naturally present in hazelnuts and cocoa.

Hazelnuts are precisely one of the winning secrets of this cream! As you can see from the table of ingredients, they hold first position, which means that they make up as much as 45% of the total ingredients!

The high content gives a distinctly nutty taste to the cream; the velvety consistency, thanks to a controlled quantity of sugars, ensures that the cream is not overly sweet.

Novi Elah Dufour: novi spreadable cream


Novi spreadable cream is available in two practical sizes: the small 200 g. jar or the larger 350 g. jar.

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