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Novi Elah Dufour

Big Frut Dufour

coffee_sweets Piemonte (ITALY)

An explosion of tastes and colours, free from artificial flavours

Dufour is a historical brand specializing in the production of a wide range of sweets: fruit jelly, stuffed candies, hard, gummy, mint, fizzy, liquorice, sugar-free and more.

Today, we propose those that are the most representative and best known, the BIG FRUT,  fruit jellies with 22% of original fruit juices and without artificial colours. The assortment comes in a wide variety of flavours: Mediterranean fruits, citrus flowers, wild fruits, watermelon, melon and pineapple and, finally, liquorice.

Novi Elah Dufour: big frut dufour


The Big Frut, in all flavours and sizes, are without artificial flavours, colours and gelatine.

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