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Elah dessert preparations

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For making delicious cakes and desserts quickly and easily

Elah, founded in Genoa in 1909, has a history of producing preparations for puddings, desserts, cakes, ice creams and sorbets. To make delicious sweets in a simple and immediate way.

The puddings are the classic of the Elah pastry creations, born at the beginning of the '900 and that even today, with its simple but tasty ingredients, makes it simple and fast to prepare delicious desserts. Different ideas: hazelnut cream, chocolate, vanilla, gianduja, chocolate almond, amaretto and, finally, strawberry.

Over the years, the range has gradually expanded. For tablespoon desserts, it offers the traditional creme caramel, rich in caramel; panna cotta, both in the classic version and in combination with the taste of chocolate; the buon dessert and the pudding, soft and creamy both with vanilla and chocolate and the chocolate mousse, tasty and fluffy, which can also become an excellent semifreddo. In addition to these preparations there is the classic gluten-free cakes.

Novi Elah Dufour:  Elah dessert preparations


For all Elah box preparations, there is a tasty idea for creating and offering equally tasty alternatives to the classic preparation.

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