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Capsules and pods

coffee_sweets Sicilia (ITALY)

An excellent espresso with Italian taste is always at hand.

Ionia also offers its coffee in pod and capsule formats, designed to protect the aroma and bring it into our homes in a handy espresso, fast and rich in fragrance, allowing us to discover and savour the quality of traditional Sicilian coffee, full-bodied, full of cream and an unmistakable aroma, a multisensory universe in which to experience all the warmth and aroma of Sicily.

The range includes both 100% Arabica and other Arabica and Robusta blends in various percentages, to satisfy the palate of the most expert connoisseurs.

The different varieties are distributed in packs of various sizes.

Torrefazione Ionia: Ionia capsules and coffee pods


A cup-shaped passion, at home every day, like in the bar. There are many varieties, characterized by aroma, body, sweetness and variable persistence, depending on the blends: Cialdionia, aromatic balance of Arabica and Robusta; Espresso capsules, unparalleled exquisite fullness in the mouth; Don Giovanni, floral notes of toasted bread and velvety cream; Decaffeinated Cialdionia, perfect and healthy at any time of the day.

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