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Panettone and Pandoro

coffee_sweets Veneto (ITALY)

The Christmas sweets par excellence

“At last the moment they have all been waiting for. The table is cleared from the dishes of the richest lunch of the year and here they come, Panettone and Pandoro, in all their richness. When sliced, a well known fragrance fills the room and draws the attention of adults and children. A thousand hands hurry to get a slice and silence immediately falls as they all enjoy the moment they have longed for for a year.”

A "moment" that Zaghis makes special thanks to a careful, 48-hour-long processing that is reserved to every Panettone and Pandoro, and to a selection of simple, fresh, and genuine raw materials, which are gently mixed with the dough following a precise order.

Zaghis real treat is, in addition, its original sourdough starter, which has enabled the production of the greatest traditional leavened products for decades. A strong and fragrant yeast, with extraordinary organoleptic properties, which lends the unique aroma of natural fermentation. A real family asset, a result of daily care, a lot of patience and great ability.

Panettoni and pandori are available in different flavours, from the classic to the tastiest ones, and in different packagings.

Zaghis: artisan panettoni venetian Zaghis


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