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BELL line: balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI

Food Emilia-Romagna (ITALY)

An elegant line in its simplicity

The BELL line offers excellent quality vinegar in a bottle with a simple shape and, at the same time, an elegant and beautiful presence.

There are four variants: the BELL BRONZE has a low density and a rustic and fruity flavour. The silver label and capsule, on the other hand, the BELL SILVER, has a medium density and a sweet and sour taste.

Both are perfect for light dishes such as salads, vegetables and grilled fish.

More recently, Bellei has added to this line the BELL BLACK, which has a good intensity, a persistent aroma and an intense flavour.

The BELL GOLD has a higher quality, as it is aged longer in oak barrels resulting in a denser and more velvety consistency, a more harmonious flavour and a pleasant sweetness.

Acetaia Bellei: balsamic vinegar Bell line acetaia bellei


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