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Balsamic vinegar 'Tradizionale di Modena' POD

Food Emilia-Romagna (ITALY)

Excellence in the bottle

The Balsamic Vinegar 'Tradizionale di Modena' DOP is undoubtedly at the top of the range of Bellei vinegars.

It is obtained from cooked grape, a natural fermentation process and a progressive concentration through aging in different wooden vats, without any addition of other substances. It is distinguished by it is the deep dark brown colour and unique and complex aroma.

It can be easily recognized because the bottle that holds it is the typical spherical with rectangular-shaped base, which, according to product regulations, all producers must adopt and is sealed by a numbered mark that certifies its uniqueness.

Bellei, is available in two quality levels: the refined and extra aged. The first, with the elegant white label, has been aged for over 12 years in barrels of different woods; the second is aged for more than 25 years and has a complex aroma and a harmonious acidity.

Acetaia Bellei: Balsamic Vinegar 'Tradizionale di Modena' POD


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