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Provolone Dolce Auricchio

Food Lombardia (ITALY)

sweet, delicate, perfect for composing delicious recipes

Alongside the well-known Provolone Piccante, Auricchio offers the DOLCE (mild) version made with the exclusive Auricchio rennet and a short curing stage (about a month).

It is recognizable because it is "dressed" with a light blue texture which makes it distinguishable from the largest piece to the smallest slice.

Its sweetness and delicacy make it ideal as an appetizer or combined with other ingredients, to create delicious dishes: breaded, melted on savoury tarts, meat and vegetables, grilled and, why not, even on pizza.

Auricchio: provolone dolce auricchio


The Provolone Auricchio Dolce (mild) is available in different formats: from the classic salami shape, ideal for slicing (with or without external wax), to the segments of 5 kg, 1 kg. Also, in order to always have a fresh product, the half-moons of 200 g. and 300 g. and the sliced provolone da 100 g. are intended for self-service.

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