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Gorgonzola "Colombo"

Food Lombardia (ITALY)

Auricchio chooses Colombo, with 100 years of experience

Auricchio has also included Gorgonzola in its range. And not just any Gorgonzola, but Colombo! In order to have a high-quality gorgonzola, Auricchio has in fact acquired the historic company of Cava Manara, a gorgonzola producer for more than a century.

There is something for all tastes and palates: the best known, the Creamy Gorgonzola Dolce PDO; the Spicy PDO, blue, compact and with a characteristic flavour and the San Giorgio DOP, sweet and with a soft consistency.

Auricchio: gorgonzola colombo


The Gorgonzola Colombo is available in different formats, to cater for all needs: the whole shape and the same divided into halves, quarters, eighths and portioned trays for self-service. Gorgonzola combined with mascarpone in the tray format is also excellent and tasty.

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