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Pecorino Cheese "Gloria"

Food Sardegna (ITALY)

The aromas and perfumes of the Sardinian pastures, captured in a wide range

Auricchio offers a range of really interesting Sardinian pecorino!

Among them, you can find sweet and classic Collesardo with soft paste, Su Sardu with a slightly spicy black crust and Su Sardu Crosta Fiorita, aged over 90 days with a full-bodied and decisive flavour.

In addition to these there are the Bucaro with or without pepper, and the Sirbone, both with the characteristic basket rind.

The prestigious Pecorino Romano, natural or with the typical black cap, is perfect for grating over different dishes of our culinary tradition, but it is also excellent to taste throughout the meal.

With a short maturing, Auricchio selected Pecorino Caciotta Novella with chilli pepper and Pecorino del Monte with a sweet and aromatic flavour.

To enrich and complete the range, there is also Ricotta Salata, in different versions, excellent for both the table and for grating!

Auricchio: pecorino cheese gloria brand


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