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Girasoli (sunflower-shaped pasta)

Food Veneto (ITALY)

Girasoli are special, delicate and full of flavour

This specialty of stuffed pasta is round like a sunflower and filled with a variety of genuine high-quality ingredients!

The are many variations suiting all tastes, from cheeses to vegetables, from fish to seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin and asparagus.

Cooking time is very fast and the pasta combines perfectly with simple condiments that enhance the taste of the different fillings.

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GIRASOLI are available with the following fillings: artichokes, crabmeat, cheese, salmon, prawn and courgette, radicchio, asparagus, pumpkin, walnuts and cheese, grilled vegetables, mozzarella and tomato, aubergine and cheese, radicchio, honey goat and walnuts.

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