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organic ingredients, imagination and goodness!

Brema already has a long history in the ORGANIC world!

It was in fact one of the first pasta factories to make fresh pasta with organic raw ingredients, GMO-free and without the use of pesticides.

Brema guarantees a careful and constant control over the entire supply chain, from the raw ingredients to the finished product!

And today there is a large range of organic products in various formats and fillings!

Brema Group: brema organic line


The ORGANIC range includes: ravioli with goat's cheese, honey and walnuts, ravioli with porcini mushrooms, ravioli with artichokes, ravioli with truffles and cheese, ravioli with ricotta and rocket, ravioli with cheese, tortellini with meat, tortelloni with ricotta and spinach, mezzelune with salmon, tagliatelle with egg, fedelini all'uovo, cappelletti.

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