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PGI & PDO oils

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The quality and excellence of Apulian Congedi oil

In the Congedi catalogue, the 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, the PDO and PGI products cannot be missed.

The Apulian oil has, in fact, become PGI. The European Commission regulation states that PGI can only include oils with a high level of polyphenols, the most important natural antioxidant. The PGI oil contains several typically Apulian cultivars: the Ogliarola, Coratina and Favolosa varieties, harvested only in the month of October to obtain a unique oil, the richest in polyphenols. It is an extra virgin oil of the highest quality, medium fruity, that releases herbal notes, of tomato and mown grass. It is excellent when matched with cooked vegetables, vegetables soups, red meat and caprese salad.

The olive variety for PDO oil is different: Ogliarola salentina and Cellina di Nard varieties, typical Salento varieties. It is an extra virgin oil of excellence, medium fruity, that immediately releases impressions of green apple, mown grass and artichoke. It goes very well with white meat, cooked vegetables but also salads, caprese and pasta.

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