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Cured meats from Black Pig of Calabria

Food Calabria (ITALY)

Cold cuts from Black Pig of Calabria, the indigenous breed recovered by Madeo

It is thanks to the commitment of the Madeo supply chain and to an ambitious strategy, that it has been possible to recover the indigenous breed of the Black Pig of Calabria.

In the territory of San Demetrio Corone there are optimal conditions for the breeding of this breed that here has found its ideal habitat. The pigs roam freely outdoors and this guarantees their animal welfare. They feed on herbs, roots, and olives combined with seasonal vegetables such as corn, barley and field beans, bran, pumpkins and chickpeas.

Research conducted on animals indicates that the meat is rich in protein and low in fat, with a good presence of oleic acid and contains Omega 3, 6, 9.

The distinctive characteristic of the Black Pig is a black coat with bristly and short hair. The pigment is preserved during processing thanks to the exclusive Madeo patent and strongly characterizes the products. It also serves as a self-certification of the origin of the meat.

Madeo Industria Alimentare: Cured meats from Black Pig of Calabria


From the Black Pig, Madeo produces products that are precious and unique: first and foremost the Prosciutto, perfect for cutting by knife in the special vice; the Salame, the 'Nduja, both in the gut and in a jar, the Lardo and the Fior di Lardo and the Pancetta, packaged in an elegant box and then the Guanciale, the Capocollo, and the brand new Pancetta 'NeraVera' and the quality Prosciutto Cotto 'NeroCotto' 

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