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The soft and spreadable salami, typical of the Calabrian tradition

Madeo focuses considerably on 'Nduja, one of the most typical salamis of the Calabrian tradition.

'Nduja is a particular cured meat: it is soft, spreadable and with a spicy taste. It is made from numerous cuts of pork such as cheek, bacon and lard, obtained from the shoulder, thigh, head and girth, which are finely chopped together with a generous amount of dried and fresh Calabrian red pepper produced within the Madeo supply chain.

The ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous and creamy mixture is obtained. The bright red colour is given by the chili pepper, which also acts as a natural preservative.

Once ready, the mix is stuffed into a natural gut. Madeo also offers the version in the jar and, as an absolute novelty, in the pastry bag, excellent for decorating pizzas, bruschetta canapés and much more.

Madeo Industria Alimentare: 'Nduja Madeo


'Nduja is usually conceived as spreadable salami. Madeo also proposes it in other formats besides the traditional one: in a jar and a tub, in a pastry bag and in a single-dose sachet. Not only of the traditional line, but also of Suino Nero!

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