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PDO cured meats from Calabria

Food Calabria (ITALY)

Typical Calabrian cured meats, included in the PDO specification

The Madeo supply chain oversees the breeding, slaughtering and processing of the meat up to the finished product of the Suino di Calabria PDO. All the phases, from the feeding of the pigs, to their growth, up to the introduction of the cured meat on the market, are controlled and traced.

There are four typical products of the Calabrian tradition that fall within the specification: Salsiccia di Calabria PDO, Soppressata di Calabria PDO, Capocollo di Calabria PDO and Pancetta di Calabria PDO

Salsiccia derives from cuts of shoulder and bacon. It is paired with wild fennel seeds and chilli pepper cream, both sweet and spicy and it's hand woven.

For Soppressata the thigh and fillet are used, to which the pepper and the chilli pepper cream are added. Also in this case it is offered both in the sweet version and in the spicy one.

Capocollo, with its aging of over 3 months, is salted by hand and flavoured with the chilli pepper cream in the spicy variant.

The range is completed by Pancetta, with its characteristic geometric shape, also accompanied by the chili cream. 

The red pepper used is the Rosso di Calabria, grown in the open field, harvested and hand-worked within the supply chain.

Madeo Industria Alimentare: PDO cured meats from Calabria


Salsiccia and Soppressata di Calabria PDO are offered singly or in large packs. Capocollo and Pancetta di Calabria PDO are available whole, in half and in slices.

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