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Fresh meat perfect for the grill!

Madeo and fresh sausage, a winning combination! The 'Salumi Tradizionali' Line offers it with the seeds of wild fennel, black pepper and chilli cream, both spicy and sweet. 

In the same line, they also offer other fresh preparations, such as the fancy hamburgers, classic or with different flavourings: provola cheese and mushrooms, with 'nduja, Cipolla di Tropea PGI, wild chicory and others.

From the Black Pig of Calabria line, Madeo produces various fresh products: first of all the main cuts of the pig, such as the ribs, the fillet, the bacon, the shoulder, the capocollo and as a novelty the large mixed grill. The Black Pig range also includes sausages, hambugers, mini-burgers and meatballs.

All Madeo fresh products are made without added preservatives.

Madeo Industria Alimentare: Fresh meat by Madeo


The fresh sausage of the 'TRADITIONALE' line is available in various versions: cubed, chain, spiral. The thin strip format is also very new.

The 'SUINO NERO' line fresh sausages are offered both in chain and spiral, in both sweet and spicy variants.

Sausages, hamburgers and fresh cuts are all packaged in a clear tray to preserve their freshness.

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