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Peeled tomatoes and pulp - Selezione Ranieri

Food Campania (ITALY)

The most extraordinary flavour enhancer, an irreplaceable presence on our table ...

The peeled tomatoes are the result of a careful selection of tomato varieties, strictly controlled throughout the entire production chain. The absolute Italian character of the raw material perfectly meets the needs of the most demanding consumers.

The product is ideal for preparing first courses, main courses and side dishes.

The fine tomato pulp is prepared exclusively with selected tomatoes; it offers great quality, with a bright red colour and rich creaminess. Perfect for those who want to prepare quick sauces without giving up the true and unmistakable taste of fresh tomatoes. Particularly suitable for enriching an excellent pizza.

Mira Sud: Peeled tomatoes and pulp Selezione Ranieri


Peeled tomatoes: very selected tomatoes preserved whole. Fine tomato pulp: tasty and creamy high-quality tomatoes.

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