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Olive oil - Mira line

Food Campania (ITALY)

Oils produced according to traditional Italian olive oil methods, perfect to enrich every dish.

There has been a deep tie between the Ranieri family and olive oil since 1884, a passion that has endured through generations, which over time has resulted in perfection through the combination of "tradition and innovation", obtaining with selected processes modern oils, which are produced with the same care and attention used by artisan craftsmen.

Mira oil is the result of careful selection and rigorous controls. It is in fact particularly appreciated for its quality and its organoleptic characteristics. Thanks to its soft and balanced flavour, it is ideal to enhance, without over-powering, the taste of every dish.

Mira Sud: olive oil line mira


Mira oil is offered in two versions: olive oil or pomace oil. Its soft and balanced flavour is ideal to enhance, without overpowering, the taste of every dish.

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