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The most loved salami product, with its intense and slightly spicy scent

Mortadella is an historic salami and certainly one of the most famous and "consumed" both in Italy and abroad.

The shape is particular: cylindrical and oval. The colour is bright pink, interspersed with white lardons. The scent is enveloping and extremely characteristic.

Negrini identifies with his "Gloriosa": to prepare it, only noble cuts are used, shredded to obtain a fine paste. The taste is deeply balanced. The mixture is inserted into a natural bladder and the binding is done by hand.

The other strong point is the Mortadella Bologna, which remains true over time to the preparation, taste and aromas of the past thanks to the recognition of the IGP.

The Mortadella Olimpica, the Emiliana and the spicy version with the addition of chili are also very popular.

Negrini: Mortadella Negrini


As mortadella is our specialty, the types available are numerous: the Mortadella Bologna IGP, from the half-shape of 3kg to the whole 100kg, perfect for special events or exhibitions; the Mortadella Olimpica and the Emiliana, also made in a version with olives; the Gloriosa in bladder, also available with truffles and in a practical case. For those who want to taste Mortadella but with a reduced fat content, there is the leaner version, with 50% less fat.

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