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Slicing salami

Food Emilia-Romagna (ITALY)

Each with its own characteristic, each with a special taste

Negrini offers various types of slicing salami for a varied delicatessen counter full of specialties from all over Italy.

Milano Salami with medium-fine pasta and Campagnolo with a coarser grind are both characterized by a sweet and delicate taste.

The Finocchiona, of Tuscan origin, is strongly characterized by the presence of fennel seeds in the dough that give it a strong personality.

The Spianata Romana and the spicy version, with a flattened and elongated shape, the former with a sweet and appetizing taste, the second spiced and spicy.

Negrini: slicing salami negrini


To enrich the delicatessen counter we also include: Nobilmagro Salami, with 50% less fat; the Soppressa, typical Venetian salami, the Ungherese Salami with very fine grain and compact consistency; the Napoli Salami, spicy and slightly smoked; the Ventricina, the typical Abruzzese-Molise sausage with coarse grain, the Gentile Emiliano Salami with an elongated shape, medium grain and delicate flavour and finally the typical salami of Ferrara flavoured with fresh garlic: Gran Zia.

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