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Food Emilia-Romagna (ITALY)

To be tasted sliced or to be used to embellish traditional first and second course dishes

The Negrini range also, of course, includes one Italy’s best known and appreciated cured meats: the Pancetta.

It is made from the belly of the pig and takes different shapes depending on the type: the Pancetta Tesa has the traditional flattened shape and a smoked version is also offered; the rolled pancetta, with round slices, both classic and also in the leaner variant, where the fat is visibly reduced.

Also, with the combination of pancetta and coppa, we offer the large sized Pancetta Coppata.

Negrini: pancetta negrini


The assortment ranges from whole pancetta to half forms. Pancetta Tesa is also available cubed, ready to be used in the kitchen in convenient bi-packs.

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