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Self-service products

Food Emilia-Romagna (ITALY)

Traditional salami in a practical and fresh format

To meet the needs of the consumer and keep up with the demands of the market, Negrini has designed a line of pre-packaged products for the refrigerated self-service counter, ready to be selected and bought. The shapes are in fact maintained and they are designed to be practical and make available to the customer at all times a fresh product.

First of all, we offer the small salami which are vacuum packed, keeping intact over time freshness and organoleptic characteristics. The range includes the Cacciatore PDO, with its small size, slightly curved shape and delicate flavour, the Mignon salametti, with a mini format, ideally suited as an aperitif, the Abruzzese, in the typical squashed shape, which has an intense and decisive flavour, while, with spicy notes, thanks to the chili, we suggest the Napoli Sausage in the characteristic horseshoe shape and the Salametto Pepperoni, in the stick shape, perfect also for garnishing tasty pizzas.

For those who want a product very similar to that prepared by the butcher, there is a wide selection of packaged cold cuts. With a protective atmosphere and modern slicing techniques, the product is very fresh. Depending on your taste, you can choose between Mortadella, Salami Naples and Milan, Prosciutto Crudo and Cotto, Bresaola, Speck, Pancetta, and a mixed Italian antipasto.

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