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Pastificio Columbro

'Specialità Italiane' line

Food Marche (ITALY)

How much variety .. 100 sizes in 10 different flours!

Specialtà Italiane Columbro is an explosion of imaginative solutions in ingredients and formats.

More than 100 sizes including short pasta, long pasta, egg pasta, small pasta and special pasta with truffles, mushrooms, saffron, orange, lemon and cuttlefish ink.

More than 10 different flours ranging from durum wheat, spelt, khorasan, durum wheat Cappelli, timilia durum wheat, to many other types of 100% organic flours.

High performance technological machinery enables a procedure very similar to handcrafted production methods.

Drawn by bronze ties to give it the typical traditional coarseness for absorbing the best condiments, dried at low temperatures to preserve nutritional minerals and vitamins, this pasta retains all the values of the Columbro family, according to the motto that began their story: 'All our products must be good enough to be eaten by my children'.

Pastificio Columbro: Le Specialità Italiane line Pasta Columbro


The choice is huge, suitable for a thousand different recipes and tastes! There are the traditional sizes of egg pasta (tagliolini, bavette, fettuccine, tagliatelle, pappardelle), also combined with quality ingredients such as mushrooms, truffles, saffron, cuttlefish ink. The varieties of long and short pasta are many and with different flours: durum wheat, kamut®, spelt, Cappelli.

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