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Organic pasta

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The craftsmanship of homemade pasta combined with the genuineness of organic

Pastificio Columbro has been producing organic pasta since the early '70s, when "organic" was still relatively unknown and not even regulated as it is today.

Fundamental to Nicola Acrisio Columbro in his laboratory was the role given to the use and selection of genuine raw materials, natural and healthy. In 1977, with the SAN.RI brand, it became one of the first officially recognised producers of organic pasta in Italy.

Since 2000, the 'Specialità Italiane' line has also been introduced with more than 20 certified organic label formats.

The artisan production of organic specialties is certified and prepared only with ancient grains not subjected to genetic modification.

Pastificio Columbro: organic pasta Columbro


The 'Specialità Italiane' line organic pasta is made with flours such as kamut®, spelt, durum wheat semolina and is offered in all the classic formats of long pasta such as spaghetti, tagliatelle, tagliolini, lasagne, and short pasta such as penne, fusilli, conchiglie (shell-shaped pasta), gnocchetti (small dumplings), paccheri, farfalle (butterfly-shaped pasta), grattini (tiny balls of pasta), tubetti (tiny tubular pasta).

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