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Wild boar specialties

Food Umbria (ITALY)

Lean and genuine meats for cured meats with an unmistakable flavour

The wild boars, living freely in the hilly area of the region, are strongly characteristic of the territory in which Renzini's factory is located.

Here the animals feed on acorns, tubers and all that nature offers them naturally, favouring a balanced growth with the consequent contribution of the right nutrients and above all a low fat content. Furthermore, for the production of cured meats, the most lean and precious parts of the animal are used.

The mixing of lean boar meat with that of domestic pigs, enables us to obtain products with an intense and penetrating but at the same time balanced taste, where the 'wild' component of the boar is attenuated by the roundness of the domestic pig.

Renzini was a pioneer in the production of wild boar meat salami, developing a real specialization that still today identifies it as the leader in the sector. Among the best known and appreciated products, we find the wild boar ham and speck, the 'Elite' and 'Cuorematto' salami also produced with truffles and herbs respectively, the seasoned sausage and the mortadella with or without pistachio and truffle.

Renzini: wild boar renzini


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