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Roast hams

Food Umbria (ITALY)

Traditional Umbrian roast ham

Renzini produces one of the most traditional Umbrian hams: Brace, a high quality roast ham.

After a careful selection and deboning, the pork legs are processed using simple ingredients such as salt, spices and aromatic herbs, which combined with cooking in a refractory oven, give the product an inimitable taste. After being seasoned, they are massaged and then tied by hand with linen strings.

This particular binding gives the ham the shape of a star, a unique and unmistakable appearance.

The product is first steam cooked to guarantee uniformity of cooking and the right moisture content of the slice, and then the thighs are roasted at high temperature. This is the phase of browning during which the ham acquires the flavours of aromatic herbs and acquires the amber colour typical of roasts.

Renzini: Roast ham Renzini


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