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Prosciutto di Norcia 'LUI' PGI

Food Umbria (ITALY)

Flavoursome, full, with the right tenderness for a precious ham coated with pink peppercorns

The king of our raw hams - the ham of Norcia 'Lui' PGI 24 months - aged in a small dedicated factory in the area, in Abeto di Preci, at 1000 m altitude.

In the ham factory of Renzini, located at the gates of Norcia, on the slopes of the Sibiliini mountains, the best conditions for the curing and aging of the hams of Norcia reign: clean air, altitude, perfect balance between temperature and humidity.

The selection of the thighs is the first step in the careful process to achieve the precious final result: these are heavy national pigs, which have been on a controlled and quality diet. After taking the typical pear shape, the thighs undergo alternate phases of salting, rest, brushing and massage. Subsequently - a very important moment - the exposed muscle is sprinkled to protect the ham from external agents and to maximise softness.

At this point the ham "Lui" rests for at least 18 months. If aged for 24 months, it will have a reddish purple fabric handkerchief called Fazzoletto Rosso.  At this stage it acquires all its characteristics: a savoury, not salty, full flavour, tenderness and compactness.

Its elegance and the unmistakable identity are given by the coating of pink peppercorns and by the embroidered fabric handkerchief that also delineates the months of curing.

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