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Grissini Torinesi

Food Veneto (ITALY)

Thin, crumbly and delicate as a snack or throughout the meal!

The Grissini are Roberto's flagship product and it is thanks to them that the company has become known all over the world.

Above all, Grissini Torinesi are some of the best known breadsticks. The version is the "stretch" with a thin and elongated shape that gives it a crisp and crunchy consistency. It is always time to munch a Turin breadstick: as a quick snack between meals, wrapped in a slice of Parma ham as a quick aperitif or throughout the meal to replace or accompany bread.

Roberto: grissini torinesi Roberto


Grissini Torinesi come in all sizes catered to every need: packets of 125g., 250g. or 360g.; or the 350g. bag containing convenient single-portion sachets perfect for catering.

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