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Food Puglia (ITALY)

Ideal for a fresh and tasty snack or for delicious aperitifs

The spreads of Via Rafi Numero Uno include different types of paté of fresh vegetables and pulses, chopped and reduced to a spreadable paste.

Different tastes, to try for the most appetizing aperitifs, with a rich, particular flavour and exceptional consistency of the mince in which the original raw materials of the Salento area are still easily identifiable.

The same processing methods - guaranteeing maximum respect for the natural product - is used to make orange, tangerine and lemon marmalades. Perfect for breakfast or for filling desserts, but also for modern gourmet cuisine paired with meats and cheeses.

Via Rafi Numero Uno: vegetables spreads via rafi numero uno


The Via Rafi Numero Uno spreads are available in 125 g. jars. The patés choice is wide and very tasty: artichokes, red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, onions, spicy sauce, yellow peppers, green sauce, chickpeas, broad beans. Orange, mandarin and lemon marmalades are available in 160 g. jars.

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