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Grilled products

Food Puglia (ITALY)

The taste of fresh vegetables enhanced by the flavour of the grill

To produce the grilled products by Via Rafi Numero Uno, only fresh seasonal vegetables are picked and carefully selected.

Once grilled, the vegetables are then covered in abundant Salento olive oil and flavored with different spices according to the different recipes, such as fresh mint, chilli pepper or oregano.

The grilled vegetables by Via Rafi Numero Uno are perfect as a starter ready to eat or as a side dish for meat or cheese main courses.

Via Rafi Numero Uno: grilled products via rafi numero uno


The grilled vegetables are available in the 250g. jar. The choice of vegetables is wide: artichokes, mushrooms, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and finally a trio of vegetables for a varied tasting.

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