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The three Cirò

Wine Calabria (ITALY)

Cirò delineated in white, red and rosé, an ancient wine always protagonist

Cirò DOC is one of the oldest wines ever. It has white, red and rosé wines.

Cirò, which derives its name from the production area, is the valuable result of a careful selection of grapes of the Gaglioppo varieties, the most important native grape of Calabria (for red and rosé), and Greco bianco (for white wines), coming from the hillside farm lands sloping down to the sea.

Its history has its roots in the times of Magna Graecia. It is said that Cirò was chosen as a wine to celebrate the winners of the Olympics of ancient Greece.

Cirò rosso (red) is the most renowned wine of this DOC and reflects all the qualities of the original vine, such as the fruity intensity of the aromas, the softness, the full-bodied but elegant tannins.

Cirò rosato (rosè) is characterized by the same olfactory profile and by an often surprising structure.

Cirò bianco (white) with a light gold colour with amber reflections and aromas of toasted almonds and figs.

The combinations are the most varied, red meats or game for Cirò red, traditional Calabrian pasta dishes and white meat for Cirò rosé, dishes of seafood of complex preparation for Cirò white.

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