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Buttafuoco and Sangue di Giuda

Wine Lombardia (ITALY)

The two faces of red wine: Buttafuoco, intense and structured, Sangue di Guida, sparkling and sweet

Here we present two wines made from Barbera and Croatina grapes: Buttafuoco Storico and Sangue di Giuda.

The first is a specialty that few producers of the Oltrepò Pavese produce. The oval mark imprinted on the bottle, which recalls the typical barrel of Oltrepò Pavese, supported by the inscription "Buttafuoco" distinguishes and strongly characterizes the wine. It is a wine of great character, intense and structured, with a good aromatic persistence.

Sangue di Giuda is instead a pleasantly sweet wine, persistent and bubbly, which expresses its best when paired with dry, spicy cheeses, as well as being one of the few red wines that go well with desserts.

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