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Wine Lombardia (ITALY)

A fruity spumante of character, excellent throughout the meal

Crudoo is a natural, unfiltered product that preserves intact all the organoleptic and healthy characteristics of the wine. Made following the Charmat Method, it is in fact bottling without filtration, leaving the yeasts in suspension in the sparkling wine.

Naturally veiled, it has a broad, elegant and persistent bouquet with distinct fruity notes. With its fine and persistent perlage, it is excellent as an aperitif, but it also goes perfectly with all dishes.

The best preparation for tasting is to tilt the bottle down, spin the bottom to encourage the suspension of the yeasts and then uncork!

Giorgi: Crudoo sparkling Giorgi


A sparkling wine of great character, it is available in both white, where chardonnay is combined with pinot noir, and rosé of pure pinot noir.

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