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Templaris Line

Wine Veneto (ITALY)

The typical wines of the DOC Piave area: tradition combined with creativity and passion

The Maccari winery was founded in 1898 and has since handed down from generation to generation, care and passion in making wine. The historical site is in Visnà di Vazzola (TV), immersed in the vineyards. The typical wines of the PIAVE DOC area are produced here in full compliance with the traditional rules of winemaking.

Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Venezia stands out for its fruity aromas of blackberry, cherry and undergrowth; it is dry and quite soft, ideal with all meat and game dishes.

Merlot DOC Venezia is an elegant and harmonious wine, with aromas of ripe fruit, in spirit and balsamic. It is soft, enveloping and velvety and we recommend it accompanied with grilled red meat.

Pinot Grigio IGT Veneto, straw-yellow in colour, has floral aromas of white rose and acacia and fruity white peaches. It combines nicely with first courses of fish, especially soups, thanks to its fruity delicacy.

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