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Menhir Salento

Quota 29 and Zero

Wine Puglia (ITALY)

A winning couple!

Primitivo QUOTA 29 and Negroamaro ZERO are the top pair of wines from the selection of our Salento winery, as well as a perfect combination.

Zero was the first wine to be produced; in fact, the name celebrates 'the year zero' of the winery.

Quota 29, instead, shows the exact altitude of the vineyards from which the grapes for this wine are grown.

Both are pure, the first using only primitivo grapes, the second only negroamaro grapes; both come from native grapes, both have a clean and essential label, perfect for a modern and elegant table.

In short: a couple not to be divided!!

Menhir Salento: quota 29 and zero


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