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Filo & Vega

Wine Puglia (ITALY)

The top of the range

Filo and Vega are the flagships of the winery. The labels are eccentric, captivating and absolutely to be paired. Why the lips on the label? Because the wine is tasted especially with the mouth, and it is through the mouth that one perceives the pleasure of drinking an excellent wine.

Filo is produced from pure Negroamaro grapes harvested in late September, when they are wilted and have a natural sweetness. The wine is excellent with traditional dishes of Salento and beyond.

From the union of Negroamaro and Primitivo grapes comes instead Vega, a mighty and structured wine, slightly spicy. Ideal as a meditation wine to be shared or enjoyed in peace.

Menhir Salento: Menhir salento - Filo e Vega


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